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DC Pen Holder

DC Pen Holder

Do you own Double cross by Magic Smith and Mark Southworth?

Struggle to find a ideal way to keep it on your person without ruining (or loosing) the 'gimick' or your clothers?


I have come up with the perfect solution to something I and many magicians have struggled with for years. A pen holder ideal for performers of double cross. This allows you to keep the pen safe, free from your clothing, easy access and ready to perform at a moments notice. Not only is it made from premium quality leather and suede but it can be worn on the belt and in the jacket pocket too. It also has a integrated secret hold out which is an added bonus. If you perfrom this effect this is going to be a winner for you!


There are two options

The Standard DC Pen Holder

This has a fixed belt loop and a magnetic latch to fix to your inside jacket pocket.


The DC Pen holder Pro

Rathr than a fixed loop there are two magneteic latches which securely hold the pen holder onto your belt and inside your jacket pocket.

This also can fit on any other garment easily and sits flush, Ideal for female performers with limited pocket space but can also easily fit to any wasitcoat, jacket pocket or trousers without a belt.


Bopth options have the added bonus of being used for a hold out too.


Other used for this holder are

Sharpie pen holder

Spider Pen holder

Wand Holder

among others 



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