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Mesmerising optical illusion - Money Maker

Mesmerising optical illusion - Money Maker

Mesmerising optical illusion- They won't believe their eyes!

While rotating the middle part of the spinner visually disappears and is almost invisible to the naked eye. It creates a truly amusing optical illusion ...

The ultimate magical way to present your business card or even a signed playing card after a performance  and ensure they keep it too! not only will they keep it they will show it to to others too!


This is a small sticker of a unique striped optical illusion design.
When presented with a small spiral shake , there appears to be a coin-shaped shadow forming in the middle of the circle. Suddenly, the shadow becomes a a REAL 5P COIN that drops from behind the card and into their hand!  (Coins not included lol)


This was presented at blackpool Magic Convention as our own giveaway and tghe feedback was insane!  Everyone aid it was the trick of the conventon!



Wow, This is insane- The trick of the convention! Seriosuly. 

Christian Grace


Wow, this is so cool and super visual

Dave Allen


This is brilliant - I love this!

Lol James - Mr Lolly


The stickers come in sheets of 35 ,

The more sheets you buy the cheaper they are :)


1 SHEET (35 STICKERS) £10.00

3 SHEETS (105 STICKERS) £18.00

10 SHEETS (350 STICKERS) £22.00

30 SHEETS (1050 STICKERS) £30.00


Have fun :)

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