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Out to Dinner (lunch)

Out to Dinner (lunch)

A brand new accessiory which is oerfect for errogin out to lunch. But with a differnce.

You can literally prepare your prediction write in fornt of your spectator!


This fabulous little leather card carrier not only neatyl holds your cards, but also stores aditional half pieces which enables you to mix up the routine / prediction  from tabel to table.


The clever double eleastic band around the cards enable you to securely hold the secret gimick in place without it moving when you remove the signed card.  It also enablesyou to easlt change it becaus it has not been secured with glue.


If you order this you also get the benefiot of downloading plenty of Ari's own graphics specially preapred for you to add directyly to the back of your own business cards.

You get a selection of graphics from

Rabit in hat, spoon bending, ballon prediction, gypsy ball prediction, selected card preditction to name a few.

Once ordee you will be sent a download link which you will be able to access and download direct to your computer.


This effect is supurb and ensures you ate easily able to give your busess card out with a memory attached to it so they want to keep it!  Creating emotonal attachmnt:)


Once you have ordered your out to dinner, you will be sent a link with a zipped folder full of all the  pdfs. This has all the artwork FREE with all the graphics you can use to add to the back of your own business cards so you can perform all the fabulous routines.

  • Dispatch

    As these items are made to order they may take 4-6 weeks from time of order to delivery. Althougbi will do all i can to get it out to you asap.

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