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5* Review and No1. 'top pic' from Vanish Magazine for 'One for the Diary' !

5* Review for One for the Diary in the latest Vanish Magazine!




The one for the diary effect was recently and successfully pre-launched at The Magic Circle Convention and dealers day on September 11th 2022. It was incredible to have such amazing feedback! People were coming to the stand because they were recommended to see the effect and I lived having people crowding around the stand to see us demonstrate it!

Most the people who saw the effect bought it so we know it must be a good one!

The Effect

Each and every day of the year has a card linked to it. A thought of special date is chosen by a spectator who finds a card assigned to it. This card corresponds to a card in a deck that is the only card in the entire pack that is a different colour back and has the word “SPECIAL DAY “ written in permanent marker on the back!

Perfectly for strolling magic, table magic and even cabaret style magic and takes up very little room in your pockets too! It packs small but plays big!

The beauty of this routine

is that there is

NO memory work,

NO card to force,

Quick & easy reset for next performance.

Spectator easily describes the effect Touches them emotionally.

This is a real ‘worker’!

The effect comes ready to perform, its easy to do and comes in either

red back or blue back bicycle cards!



I LOVE diary tricks and this one has been so much fun to perform it has quickly become one of my favourites. It is small enough to put in your pocket along with the deck of cards.You receive the regular diary which has the playing cards already printed one each day of the year. The diary is also designed without any days/years so It can be used year

on end.

The method is extremely clever and self-working.Having performed this in a strolling situation I can tell you it makes the perfect Walk around routine.It takes up little pocket space and there se reset is instant. When working walk-about reset Is always Important to think about and here It Is in an instant. When you finish the trick and put the pack away you set it up right in front of the audience ready to do it again for somebody else. The diary has a nice addition at the back where it talks about the coincidences between playing cards and the days and months in the year. This makes for a great routine and makes sense in the presentation.

Everything comes in a professional package and it is easv to keep both the card and diary together in your case with the slipcover provided You get video instructions plus written instructions.

There is nothing to memorise and all you do is get anv date from a spectator to look at the card on that day and find it in the deck. It really is THAT easy. The card will end up being the only one with a red back in the blue back deck and has written on it SPECIAL DAY. This type of routine can have an impact to your spectator because that is a day that means something to them. I love this type of routine and that it has a connection with your audience.

I love the reaction this has been getting and for anybody who does any type of close-up magic I can't recommend this enough. It's the perfect routine that you will add to your repertoire and become a staple. It has in my act!

You can get this in red or blue back deck.It is one of the most commercial tricks I've reviewed in a LONGTIME! Great for the amateur or full time professional

You can get this in red or blue back deck

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