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5 stars from MagicSmith of Double Cross!

Updated: Oct 13

Wow! The DC PRO Pen Holders

Top '5 star review' from MagicSmith of Double Cross!

"I just received my Grum Pro DC Pen Holder - love it - utter perfection! I carry DC 24-7 and I’m hesitant changing anything. But….I’ve found that the holder compliments my performance as it allows me to get in and out faster - there’s no searching/fumbling when its time to go. And when I’m done, it re-holsters just as smoothly. In other words, makes u look like a pro. And no more putty stains on my clothes - my dry cleaner thanks u! For anyone questioning the price - trust me it's gorgeous and worth every penny - yet the minimalist design doesn’t draw attention to itself. Thanks for making this - you’ve made performing DC easier …and more fun - err funner? Is that a word? lol u know what i mean "

Chris Smith - Creator Double Cross

I still can not believe the success we have been having with the DC Pro pen holder. The sales were insane even before the convention so we raced round the clock working day and night to produce another batch of them just for the convention. Could not believe that every single one sold and we got orders for them too. I was surprised after having some unusual comments said about it in one of the magicians groups. But once people saw them in person, the unity and the benefits they just couldn't resist!

The DC Pen holder is the perfect solution to something I and many magicians have struggled with for years. A pen holder ideal for performers of double cross. This allows you to keep the pen safe, free from your clothing, easy access and ready to perform at a moments notice. Not only is it made from premium quality leather and suede but it can be worn on the belt and in the jacket pocket too. It also has a integrated secret hold out which is an added bonus. If you perfrom this effect this is a winner for you!

Check it out here below!


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