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Another Product Highlight & Pick of the Month for Grum in Vanish Magazine!

Paul Romhany Gives Grum's Candy Cups and PKR Key Ring another massive thumbs up in the latest 2 Vanish magazines for November and December edition's of the international Magic Magazine - Vanish!





PKR Keyring (Changeable Paddle Keyring)

Never get caught without a powerful effect on you again.

Having the PKR keyring on you means you are always able to perfom amazing and visual

magic at moments notice. Like all Grum leather products this is incredibly well made, and I've been using it for my regular key chain. It now means I always have something on me to do a quick trick. You get a lot of choices from one with a card on, a vanishing or appearing rabbit, you can use it as a prediction with ESP symbols and so much more.

This is based on the classic paddle move but with a real visual, clever, and magical twist.

And it also allows you to tailor your keyring to any type of event you do, weather mind

reading, close-up magic or a children’s party. Included with the keyring you 2 discs with a

prediction on either side.

The discs are easy to change. A little flex of the leather keyring and the disc will pop out.

You have no worries about it falling out as its all magnetic and securely held in place.

However, if you choose to have multiple disc (one on tip of the other) you can opt for a

special skittle magnet which enables you to remove the upper disc with ease.

As I said, the product is extremely well made in leather, built to last and to be used as a regular key ring. You get a lot of choices of variations, and I love the fact it's interchangeable.




By Paul Romhany





"Excellent craftsmanship, wonderful and fun routine that fits in your pocket. What more could a magician want? Very highly recommended. "

The Candy Cup Hand crafted and again perfectly weighted Candy Cup - chop cup. These are made to order and come with 2 'Starburst Sweets, Lemon, and lime final load and a special clear sphere container for the final load 'gift'. The candy cup also comes with a velvet gig bag and presented in a lovely tube packaging. These are super popular with magicians because they are fun, colorful and the final loads make total sense! Asking what their observation was like and if they recall not just the color but the actual flavour of the sweet was under the cup to then find an actual lemon and lime in their hand.

EDITIORS THOUGHTS: I LOVE the chop-cup and have created my own versions over the years. I love them so much I probably own about thirty different versions. This version by GRUM is possibility one of the best versions I've seen. It is such a fun routine and makes a lot of sense as far as a chop-cup goes.

In this version you show a beautiful leather cup that you tell your spectators you keep candy in. The only problem is there is only one left. You show them a Starburst wrapped up and perform your favorite chop cup moves with it. You can keep it straight forward as it appears and disappears. The finale is what I really love about this. You ask the audience if they noticed the flavor of the Starburst and whatever they say you tell them your favorite is LIME - you lift the cup, and a lime is in there. You put the cup on their hand and lift it again after telling them you also like LEMON and produce a lemon. As a kicker ending you can produce a rubber ice-cream that has all the flavors in it.

Everything about this product is first rate. The quality of the cup itself is very high and built to last. CRUM make great leather products and have become one of the top manufactures of hand-crafted magic products.

The Starbursts come in a variety of flavors, and you get a special gimmick one and a regular one. You will also receive the perfect lemon and lime that fit in to the cup. The cup itself comes in different styles but all the same sizes. They say 'Candy Cup' on the outside so it makes sense there would be candy inside. The final load of the ice-cream is a novel idea and easy to load.

The routine itself is like any other chop-cup but for me this has a lot more potential for walk-around. If you find yourself doing kids magic, then this is perfect but just as much fun for adults. This has A LOT of potential for creativity as far as a routine goes, but honestly,