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Grum Hands On Workshop at The Magic Circle

Successful & fun hands on workshop held by Ari Phillips of Grum at The Magic Circle!

On Monday 2nd October Ari Phillips - Founder of Grum Leathercraft ran a hands on workshop for members of the Magic circle at the world famous Magic Circle headquarters in London.

"Hey! Ah I loved it , was so fun and probs the best hands on they’ve had ! "

Louise Andree Douglas-Mirza

At the beginning of the workshop Ari presented a few classic clips of the great Don Allan and Paul Daniels performing their classic chop cup routines. Was fun to watch with everyone and a great chance to see others performing with the cup.

In case you missed them here are some of the clips to see.

Don Allen and the Chop Cup

Paul Daniels and the Chop Cup

As it was a full hands on experience Ari provided everyone attending with a single paper cup and paper balls to learn the routines he performs. Both on the table and in the hand routines. This meant that everyone was able to follow step by step with a cup in hand and also meant that none of the finely crafted leather cups were manhandled during the experience.

In saying that there was a display on show at all times throughout the evening for those interested in seeing the cups, trying the cups out or even purchasing and ordering one for them selves.

Since the hands on workshop there has ben lots of interest for Ari to run similar hands on workshops for other local magic clubs.

The next one will be at the Sussex Magic Circle on the 26th of October. Will you be there?

Do you have a magic club you run or are a member of one and would like to have a similar hands on work shop ? If so why not get in touch to see when we can schedule one in for you.

Interesting in finding our more or

owning your own GRUM chop cup?

Check out some favourites below.


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