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Grum was very proud to be able to sponsor a gift to the fabulous Harry Piper at the world famous Magic Circle over the weekend.

This was for the Magic Circle Convention Evening Gala Show where the young magician was honoured with opening the show with his superb vent act!

Michael J Fitch, Lee Hathaway and myself had decided we would present him with the new Candy Cup release as his gift, however he had already come around to the stand first thing in the morning and purchased it the minute the doors were open! Now thats a good sign!

So instead we presented him with his very own Grum Dice cup set which we also caught him eying up during the day. We sure hope he enjoys them both and look forward to seeing what he will do with them soon.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a magical family and so now I love to give back and support and inspire the next generation of young magicians. This young lad was superb with such stage presence and confidence and we know he will be a star of tomorrow! Look out for him.

Thanks again to Michael J Fitch and Lee Hathaway for choosing Grum and doing such a fabulous job of the Magic Circle Convention! Already looking forward to the next one!

Want to know what Harry Purchased and was gifted? Check out these two products below!

Will they be on your next wish list? I hope so :)

Thanks again


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