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I havn't been Hide'ing

Excuse the pun. Just been super busy creating new products!

So its been a hugely busy, productive and creative time recently for me and Grum. I have been producing orders for clients from the website, bespoke made to order products, developing new products for the up and coming conventions and even recently had the opportunity to work with a few fun restoration products too!

I thought I would share some of the recent projects I have been working on and also give a sneak peak of what is coming soon! Hopefully I have managed to cater to all my clients out there, those magicians and the muggles too :)

Been busy working on and restoring a few lovely old leather bags like the one above from the late 1800’s. This was a challenge indeed but well worth the trouble as my client is now able to use the bag again after bringing it back up to its former glory with new handle, reinforced seams, repaired and new feet so the bag stands and all the extra little details.

My client was so happy he brought back several more items to be restored which I’m also enjoying working on such as this interesting restoration job above . Here I stripped the folder back to the core, buffed and polished the cover, retouched the paint work, had a new marbled paper commissioned to line the interior , added a new hand stitched leather spine and brought it back up to almost new again. The client liked the original hand writing which dates back to the late 1800’s which was revealed when we stripped the folder so we decided to make a feature of this also. Think it came out pretty well and so too does my client. That was an interesting project indeed :)

He also brought this lovely old blotting pad in which I thought was rather apt and magical too! I retouched all the woodwork, polished the brass work, restitched a new leather spine and added this new silk Moire lining in bright purple. What a table piece this is now :)

And for my fellow Magicians

I have been crazy busy preparing new products for all the exciting magic conventions coming up. The Magic circle Convention , IBM's Eastbourne Convention and the London Magic Convention. Hope to see many of you there too! Below is a sneaky peak at a few of the recent items. (Too many to share).

This item was created due to the demand for having a snazzy cup holder perfectly designed to fit the Grum mini dice cups on your belt. Not only is it easy to use and comfortable to wear but also frees up more pocket space too! These are made to order nut not yet on my site. If your interested then drop me an email and I can produce one for you.

If your a fan of Oz pearlmans 2st Century trick then you will love these wallets. A simple and elegant index wallet specifically desinged for performing 21st Century Phantom. This beautifully handcrafted utility wallet is designed to neatly and easily store your pre folded predictions keeping them neat and tidy and ready for performance.Available in 10 and 20 index pockets! These can also be produced for any other index requirements such as cards and other predictions too.

A simple and elegant utility pouch specifically designed for performing Oz Pearlmans 21st Century Phantom effect. This beautifully handcrafted utility wallet is designed for safety and easy pocket management. Every detail has been considerd from the easy access (to the cards to the storage of the scissors. This makes a perfect pair with the grum Index wallet if you plan to work this effect several times an evening from table to table allowing you to easily access different predictions for each spectator.

All in one utility wallet specifically desinged for performing Oz Pearlmans 21st Century Phantom effect. This beautifully handcrafted utility wallet is designed from the top down with the performer and pocket management in mind. Every detail has been considerd from the easy access (of both the celebrity selection and cutting cards ) to the storage of the scissors and even a hidden pocket for storing your 'prediction' safely.

Something for both the Magicians and Muggles (Non Magicians) out there . How about a lovely hand made leather money clip. Perfect for carrying your Extreme Burn and keeping it all together! This also makes a lovely gift for those that like to carry cash still. Flash your cash in style. Hand crafted and made to order. Can also be personalised - either embossed or foiled for that special someone.

Need something bespoke?

Being all hand crafted and made to order with a background in product design I am able to design and build unusual and bespoke items to your very own requirements such as these lovely red mic holder above and this beautiful red packet trick card wallet below.

Have somethign in mind ? Get in touch.

A little sneaky peak?

Ooooh, something fun and shiny... Candy Cup? Whats this you ask.

Well, you will have to wait and see. Excited for the Pre Launch of this and a few other extra special products too at the Magic Circle Convention on the 30th July 2023! Cant wait!

Although my Dice cups and ESP keyring are my biggest sellers, I also have a range of other props and accessories for both magicians and non magicians and you can check them out here. And of you don't see what your looking for then why not drop me an email and see if I can help you.

Since starting Grum I have had had such fantastic support and feedback and have had such a laugh with new and old friends. If you like buy work, then please help a small business out and shout out, review and share my products online. It all helps. And do please come by and see me if you happen to be at one of the conventions ill be at soon.

I would love to hear from you and hopefully see you soon.

Ari Phillips | GRUM

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