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The Story Behind the name Grum

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Growing up in New Zealand my Grandfather had a leather factory and manufactured high quality leather handbags and wallets. When we used to visit my grandparents in Wellington I used to love visiting the factory. The smell of quality leathers, the contact glue cement smell, the tools and playing with all the leather scraps and patterns was a real treat! I recently found myself having lots more time and my father suggested doing a kit set model car as a form of relaxation. This didn't appeal to me as I felt i would waste my time creating something that would only collect dust and that I could use my time better to not only learn a new craft but potentially sell the items too! And so I started teaching myself leather craft. People really liked the quality products i was making so decided to start doing commissions.​ I felt I needed to add a makers mark to my products and started to create my own brand. This was something I am familiar with considering i have a design agency nugget-design .

I felt I wanted a name that was catchy and had a story behind it. Growing up my sister couldn't say Grandpa so called our Grandfater Grumgrum. It caught on and everyone then knew him as Grumgrum.

And so in honour of Grandpa Jack Phillips (Grumgrum)

I named my company Grum.

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