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Trick or Treat' - The GRUM Candy Cup of the Month!

Boo! The 'Trick or Treat' GRUM Candy Cup of the month is out now!

How about something a little differnt for your next Halloween gig with some spooky hand carved skulls, shiny silver skull studs and beautiful black and ox blood leather . Put this with the candies and some fun final loads and you have a fun new routine for all the Haloween gigs! Also ideal for those out there that just love the look and feel of this quirky cup. Made to order so you can get exactly what your after.

Check them out here:)


Dont forget you have to 'be in It to win it!!

Magician edition. There is still a chance to win some amazing prizes worth over £300!!

All you have to do is

1. Like / follow Grum Leather Craft on social media!

2. Comment on your favourite Grum products.

3. Share the post

The winner will be randomly selected from all the entries on the 5th November 2023 at The London Magic Convention.

(You don’t need to attend the convention to enter or win) .

Got top be in it to win it :)

Thanks for your support and Good Luck



Double Cross Pen Holder!

Greatest Compliment possible!

"Just received the the DC pro pen holder - BEAUTIFUL! Its a piece of art - I'm wearing it around all day today to 'break it in' and use it on a few people.

Simply gorgeous - and very practical. I'm going to show it to my circle - hopefully it will generate a few orders for you."

Chirs - MagicSmith (Creator of Double Cross)

Cant ask for a better review than that!


Cant wait to see if you win or not?

You can always order your favourite Grum Items on the website here

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