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A simple and elegant  index wallet  specifically desinged for performing Oz Pearlmans 21st Century Phantom effect. Although this makes an awesome index wallet for many other effects too! 

If you are performing a bill switch with promotional giveaway material this is ideal to ensure you have enough pre prepared for your perfomance.

This beautifully handcrafted utility wallet is designed  to neatly and easily store your pre folded predictions keeping them neat and tidy and ready for performance.


The wallet holds 20 billets.

I am able to also produce the smaller wallets to hold 10 billets but have fond the 20 billet wallet the most popular, Please send an email if you would like to know more aboput your options.


Handcrtafted from fine vegetable tanned leather and made to order so you can have this in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your style.


This makes a perfect pair with one of the grum 21st century utility wallets if you plan to work this effect .


  • Dispatch

    As these items are made to order they may take 4-6 weeks from time of order to delivery. Althougbi will do all i can to get it out to you asap.

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