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Luxury Diamante Studded Dog Collar

Luxury Diamante Studded Dog Collar

A quality and bespoke luxury handcrafted and hand stitched leather dog collar with a difference.

Let your dog stand out with this sparkling collar which is guaranteed to get heads turning.

Everyone will want to know where you go this stunning collar from.

Its bespoke and made to order so you can have the diamanté rhinestones in a number of colours too.

This style collar is for Medium to marge dogs , however as this is a bespoke order I am also able to make for smaller dogs or also larger ones too.

Message me for any special requests.





20mm  24-30cm Neck Size



20mm  30-40cm Neck Size


Large (As shown)

25mm 40-50mm Neck Size


Extra Large

30mm 50-65mm Neck Size

    Diamanté Colour
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