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Optical Illusion Keyring

Optical Illusion Keyring

This pocket optical illusion was supposed to be ready for release for Blackpool magicians convention this year but due to unforeseen circumstances they were not ready and so the stickers evolved and became super popular. After such success I have decided to release these  along with the poker chip optical illusions . 


This is a very mesmerising optical illusion

They won’t believe their eyes!


When presented with a small spiral shake , there appears to be a coin-shaped shadow forming in the middle of the disc. Suddenly, the shadow becomes a a REAL 5P COIN that drops from behind the keyring and into their hand! (Coins not included lol)

 It creates a truly amusing optical illusion ...
Very magical way to make a "lucky coin "appear or the poker chip which yo can have personalised and  present instead of your business card! This will ensure they keep it too! not only will they keep it they will show it to to others too!

This optical illusion was presented at Blackpool Magic Convention 2023 as our own giveaway and the feedback was insane! Everyone said it was the trick of the conventon!

Comes as standard with a optical illusion poker chip inside the keyring.

Additional poker chips and Personalsied Poker Chips can be purchased on our website here.


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