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Personalised Optical Illusion Poker Chips

Personalised Optical Illusion Poker Chips

Based on the mesmerising optical illusion - Money Maker Sticker

(Also available on our website) the premium poker chip option is now available to be personalised wit your own name, logo and website. This makes the perfect marketing giveaway and something people will keep on them and want to show others too!


This is a standard sized 14g Poker Chip witht he  unique striped optical illusion design printed on both sides.


On one side is the optical illusio and on the other you can addd your logo, website or even a clients logo :)

When presented with a small spiral shake , there appears to be a coin-shaped shadow forming in the middle of the poker chip. Suddenly, the shadow becomes a a REAL 5P COIN that drops from behind thepoker chip and into their hand!  (Coins not included lol)


You can order them them personalised with your own branding on or you can order just the optical illusion on both sides here.


This makes an ideal giveaway for your special and new potential clients. Not only because they are differnt , but they can go away and do the magic again and again and they will show people which only helps to get your name brand out!


Upgrade options

You can choose to have this poker chip in a encased handcrafted leather keyring so you have it on you all the time.

In a removable slip case keyring so you can take it in and out

Both available on our website here



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