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PKR Keyring (Changable Paddle Keyring)

PKR Keyring (Changable Paddle Keyring)

Never get caught without a powerful effect on you again.

Having the PKR keyring on you means you are always able to perfom amazing and visual magic at a moments notice.


This handcrafted, luxury leather keyrings clever design allows you to change the internal discs to a number of differnt predictions allowing you to perfom the effect several times at the same event with a differnt outcome each time.


This is based on the classic paddle move but with a real visual, clever and magical twist. And it also allows you to taylor your keyring to any type of event you do, weather mind reading, close up magic or a childrens party.


Included with the keyring you 2 discs with a prediction on either side.


The discs are easy to change.  A little flex of the leather keyring and the disc will pop out.  You have no worries about it falling out as its all magnetic and securely held in place.


However if you choose to have multiple disc (one on tip of the other) you can opt for a special skittle magnet which enables you to remove the upper disc with ease.



You have the choice to purchase the skittle and extra disc sets should you wish.


The choice is


Optical Illusion - Reversible 5p / Dime

Rabbit in the Hat - Hat only

I love Magic - 2 Hearts

ESP Crystal Ball - Reversible Star/ Wave Prediction

ESP Symbols - 2 Reversible Symbols. 

 Wave, Cross, Square, Star, Circle




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